Rabbit, a good option on the plate?

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Rabbit meat is considered a white meat due to its low fat content, only 4g in 100g of product, highlighting in this category the presence of linoleic fatty acid (omega 6).

Thus, for those who seek to achieve a protein intake adequate to their individual needs, which can help with appetite control and which is essential either in a process of muscle mass gain or in a process of fat loss with preservation of muscle mass , rabbit meat will be a good choice to insert in the diet, having low caloric value.

In this way, it stands out from beef and pork due to the amount of lower fat with the same amount of protein, about 20g in 100g of meat, as you can see in the following table:

From the vitamin supply, B complex vitamins are present in satisfactory amounts, mainly niacin (B3), B6 and B12. With regard to minerals, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus stand out.

Although it is a good choice of protein source, one must pay attention to the cooking method, as values such as the energy value will be changed according to the chosen method. For the right fit for your individual needs, you should seek a Nutrition consultation.

Data collected from the PortFir - INSA platform.

Article written by nutritionists: Catarina Augusto and Adriana Baptista

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