According to the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists (APN), rabbit meat is one of the most dietary and healthy meat. With 100% Portuguese origin, MITT intends to contribute in the national market to the dissemination and modernization of rabbit meat.

Rabbit meat, being ideal for nutritional balance, is appreciated for being tender, juicy, tasty and easy to prepare, being recommended to all consumers, of different ages. Bearing in mind these facts and the care that today's society gives to the continuity of a healthy diet, it is of great importance that industrial rabbit farming develops, within the framework of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

Highly dietary

Classified as white meat, the rabbit is admired by consumers for its taste and for being easy to digest, a characteristic that characterizes it as a dietary product. According to the APN, rabbit meat is recommended for the quality of its “good” fats and for its low caloric value (± 120Kcal / 100gr), along with the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. It is also advisable for restrictive diets associated with different diseases, such as cardiovascular and, since they have a lower uric acid content than red meat, rabbit meat is the most suitable for people with hyperuricemia or gout.

The quality of this meat can be classified as excellent, containing 21% crude protein, 70% H2O (water), 4% lipid content, rich in calcium and phosphorus and low in cholesterol.


Classified as white meat, it is appreciated by consumers for its flavor, for the easy digestion it provides, which makes it, due to its nutritional composition, into a highly dietary product. Rabbit meat combines health and pleasure, being indicated for consumers with dietary concerns, namely due to its low calorie content, its richness in proteins and “good” fats and the increased intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Rabbit meat has twice the calcium of beef, making it an important ally against diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition to this, it regulates the level of glucose in the blood and, making a continuous consumption, helps to normalize the metabolism of proteins and fats in the body.