MITT Commitment

Since 2004, Litoral Coelho SA has developed its commitment to consumers, employees, producers, distributors and society in general.

The MITT – Food Inovation, was created and developed to offer new alternatives of consumption of rabbit meat to our client, knowing the limited supply that the current market presents, whether in the variety of cuts or in the forms of confection.

We assume a set of commitments of which we highlight:

  • With consumers, sending them the best rabbit meat and adapting it to their needs.That is our mission.
  • With employees and producers: we know that, in order to obtain the best products, we need to take care of all the details, from the origin and throughout the process to the point of salebut this is only possible by committing ourselves to our employees and producers. We audit our explorations, allowing for best practices among all and guaranteeing the highest quality and food safety, together with the innovation of our products: when you buy MITT, you are sure of what you receive. Maximum quality and freshness.
  • With distributors: only in this way can we take care of our products until they reach the hands of our consumers and arrive in the most efficient way. We are present in the modern distribution and in a more direct way, through our online store, where we make available all the products of our portfolio.
  • And with the whole society. As we are resilient, we try to strengthen the roots of our future through our Corporate Social Responsibility: A healthy society is a guarantee of our continuity. The “MITT COMMITMENT” guarantees, now and in the future, sustainability, innovation and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, developing products with the highest quality guarantee.

Production Control

The Cuniculture can be defined, in general lines, as the art of raising rabbits, understanding the word art as the activity that requires special skills on the part of the person who performs it, and in this case, it is nothing more than having a great dedication and work capacity, together with a strong vocational and patient sense with these delicate animals.

The rabbit meat we work with comes from national producers, usually families who make this activity their way of life and who follow all legal regulations during the production process. There is a permanent veterinary follow-up on farms with a view to animal health and well-being, which allows us to safely receive animals in good health. It is a species of particular physiological complexity that requires methodical and careful management and whose food is 100% vegetable, essentially fibrous. In return, it returns to its consumer a white meat, safe, of excellent nutritional value, ideal for all ages and of easy and fast digestion.