MITT Boneless

Ingredients (serves 4):

500g MITT Desossado
8 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 medium red onion
150g Lettuce Mix
1 sliced radish
1 lemon
Olive oil (as needed)
Vinegar (as needed)
Salt (as needed)


Marinate the Mitt Rabbit for about 4 hours with the olive oil, the lemon juice, a pinch of salt and half of the chopped garlic.

After marinating, grill the rabbit, and cut it into pieces or shred it. In a pan add a dash of olive oil and the rest of the garlic, as soon as you start to sauté with some vinegar, turn off and add the rabbit. Let it cool in a container.

In a bowl add the lettuces, the rabbit, the rolled onion, and the radish. Mix everything together and rectify flavors.